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Personal golf lessons

Don’t leave your gaming performance to chance. Golf lessons will help you move forward.

“Book a private or group lesson from the comfort of your home.”


Golf courses

Unfortunately, golf technique cannot be trained in a day or a week. However, in the case of a golf course, we will leave enough time for your game improvement. You can choose from shorter courses aimed at complete beginners to courses with complex training content. These courses will help you to improve not only your performance on the course, but also your enjoyment of golf in the long term. What’s more, the courses are also for small groups. Thanks to this, they provide a great opportunity to enjoy the joy of the game even more.

“Don’t just ‘half practice’ and enter the world of golf improvement fully.”

Online coaching program

Don’t have time to go to classic golf lessons and need something flexible? That certainly doesn’t mean you can’t keep improving. Online video analysis is a flexible solution that allows you to work on your game anytime, anywhere. Just upload and submit two videos of your swing and the online analysis can begin. You will learn what to train and how to continue your progress. Improve regardless of your schedule.

“Write to me through the online form for online coaching.”


“I try to bring golf closer to everyone who has not yet tried it and is interested in getting to know it. I would also like to help those who already enjoy playing it regularly and would like to reach a higher level in time to improve their game performance. I want to show first of all that golf is not only for a small select group, but that it can become a quality way of spending free time for a wide spectrum of society.”

Who is going to teach me?

Martin Janík

  • profesionální golf coach and instructor
  • PGAC member
  • I paly golf since I was 6 year old and I love it…


  • 2018 course ČGF, III level intructor
  • 2020 start of 3-year PGAC school – golf coach and instructor
  • 2021 Harry Scott, junior golf development
  • 2022 seminar Jesús Rodrigues Salvádor – Gamyplan, coaching management in golf academies
  • 2022 Trackman workshop, Michal Pospíšil
  • 2023 seminar Andreas Kali – players developement


  • 2019, freetime golf academy in Golf Park Lhotka
  • 2020 – 2022, club coach in Golf Klub Lhotka – trainer of the advanced kids & junior group
  • Personal individual lessons since 2020